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Now having a reliable web host for your blog will ensure that you get optimum services from the blog without having to worry over hitches and how to speed up wordpress site – – interrupted services. The Ipage WordPress hosting service has been designed purposely for bloggers and as such, all possible hitches and scenarios have been taken into account.

This is so because Ipage has endeavored to reduce its carbon footprint by purchasing renewable energy certificates for power generated by wind. Your blog site will be eligible for a Green Certificate with the Ipage WordPress hosting service. If you have been looking to have an affordable and reliable blogging site, you should try the Ipage WordPress hosting service. For those who don’t know, then it is better to note here and now that WordPress is fantastic blogging software. If the site starts functioning properly, then the internal server error must be due to the plugin installed on your WordPress.

  • Have a better performing WordPress site
  • Comparison charts for products
  • 6 Special Thanks1.6.0.1 Fastest WordPress Theme by WPVKP
  • Enable subscriptions

At PHPDeveloper, we provide you with talented WordPress template designer who can customize your site to suit your requirements. The defense: Changing the prefix of your WordPress tables can eliminate this predictability. I had a client recently who needed to create private, password-protected sections on her WordPress site. It shows you how Google indexes and adds your website to Google search results, so you can make sure the right people are seeing your site.

As for those who are into or familiar with blogging, you could already be aware of the wonders of the WordPress platform. A faulty theme can also be the problem and you can test this by using one of the WordPress default themes (anything with “Twenty” at the beginning of the theme name).

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